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The blog was established by Victoria Howe, an expatriate currently living in Singapore. Victoria needed to create a space for herself and other expatriates where they could share their insights on Asian culture, products and other interesting newsworthy topics.

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Whether you are interested in Asia for travel purposes or moving to one of the Asian countries indefinitely, you are bound to find content that piques your interest in our blog. We cover a vast field of topics all related to Asia.

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Product Reviews

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Whether you are in need of a new PC, laptop or home appliance, we can hook you up with all the latest product reviews. All the products we review are manufactured in Asia. You can expect information on the top-rated Asian products at affordable prices with Mdream.

Upcoming Events

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Are you currently living in an Asian country and want to know which events are worth attending? At Mdream we’ll fill you in on a wide variety of events you’ll be able to attend to network and meet new people. Whether for work or leisure, you’ll know which events to attend.

Asian Entertainment

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From the best ballet performances to popular sports stadiums and celebrities, at Mdream we cover it all. We publish updated lists and reviews of some of the most exciting Asian entertainment spots you should check out, whatever your taste or preference may be.

Celebrity News

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From the hottest actors to upcoming celebs and singers, if it is Asian celebrity news you are after, Mdream has got you covered. We keep our ears to the ground to ensure our readers get all the latest news regarding the world of Asian celebrities.

You can rely on Mdream to keep you updated on all the latest news related to Asia. Our blog welcomes readers from around the globe to learn everything we have to share about Asian cultures, performances, sports, tech products and more.

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